When it comes to scheduling your team, the only constant is change. With Float, we arm you with a powerful set of tools to make handling those changes a snap. 

Let’s start from the top.

Assign a project to your team by clicking and dragging in the schedule space. Give the task a name, add an optional task note, and adjust the hours per day from here.

Need to prioritize this task? Drag it to the top of the day. It’ll stay locked to the top.

Adjust the duration, start or end time of the task.

Duplicate the task by holding shift and dragging to a new location.

What about when a project deadline changes? 

Move multiple tasks at once by holding shift, select those tasks, and then dragging one. Press escape when you’re done.

Right clicking in the schedule space reveals a set of editing tools: Split, Insert and Replace. 

Selecting split, hover over a task and click. It’ll split the task to the left, creating two unique tasks. 

The insert tool is useful when adding new tasks between existing tasks. Using insert in the same way you would normally add a task, after it’s assigned, all existing tasks will be pushed back the equivalent number of days.  

Using the Replace tool, add a new task, and this time, instead of pushing out those tasks, it deletes them.

All of Float’s tools include keyboard shortcuts for easy switching, and you can always undo your last action by using Command or Control Z.

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