Public holidays

If your office is closed for a holiday, you can schedule it by visiting the Time Off section in Account Settings. You'll need to have Admin rights or above to view this section. 

Scheduling a public holiday will block out the day for your entire team, and any existing tasks will be overwritten.

Time off

You can schedule time off for individual team members or groups of members by using the Time Off tab located within the task popup. There are three default types available: 

  • Paid Time Off
  • Sick Leave
  • Holiday

Time off types can be customized (and more added) from Account Settings. Holidays and time off will not disappear from the schedule when filtering a project or task.

You can customize the duration of time off the same way as other tasks, but you cannot set a specific time. To apply time off to all viewable members on the schedule, select change and set to All Viewable

Time off hours are recorded on the Reports page under the Time Off tab and deducted from the available work hours. 

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