In January 2018 we're making a couple of updates to make way for new and exciting features. These are:

  • Removing the task ‘priority star’: Float's improved logic to drag tasks to the top or bottom of the day, or set a specific time, mean there’s no longer a need to select the priority star. So we’re removing it. Task labels will no longer show a star if one had previously been set, however their position will remain the same. If you'd prefer to alert your team of important tasks, please make note in the task name or notes.

Example of task popup with priority star no longer available:

  • Observers and Members will soon simply be called Members: Observers and Members currently both have read-only access rights, with the difference being what they see: Members see only their schedule and Observers see all people or a specific department. In January these users will be combined to be called 'Members', with additional View options so they maintain these rights.

Example of new Member setting, with options to view All People, Their Schedule or a specific department:

If you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please contact 

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