In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a change to our access rights that will simplify the labeling and add the option for team members to edit their own schedules. 

One important thing to know is that your team members' rights will not change. The data your members see today will be the same data they see after the update. 

Here’s what will change:

Members and Observers will simply be called Members. These are users with read-only rights that can view either (depending on their settings):

  1. Only their own schedule
  2. All people  
  3. A specific department

These are the same rights options currently available, and the same read-only views your existing users will see.

A new option will appear for Members to "Edit Their Schedule." You will see this option when you set a Member's access rights. If selected, this person can edit their schedule—and their schedule only. This is useful if you want them to be able to schedule time off or add/edit the hours for projects they've been assigned to.

An example of the new Member settings:

If you’re working with our API /accounts endpoint, you’ll notice that existing Members (account_type 6) will migrate to the new Members (account_type 4), previously called Observers.

If you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please contact us at 

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