New Features:

  • Multi-select and move tasks together by holding shift, multi-selecting and dragging them!
  • From My Schedule you only see milestones/phases for projects you are assigned to
  • Added a whole bunch of new search filtering variables to the schedule, including Full-time, Part-time and My Projects

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Mobile performance optimizations to Schedule
  • Fixed My Schedule where the Milestone popup going out of view if on first scheduled date.
  • Fixed an issue with non-work days, in certain cases after task is removed from non-work day by removing person from a project, day is not reverted to non-work day.
  • Browser issue on Edge resolved: Mouse pointer icon does not change when using Replace/Insert/Split tasks
  • Fixed a reporting bug where for non-work days and overtime
  • Fixed a bug with the project clone tool not copying all data
  • Fixed issue with Safari and printing the schedule
  • Copy updates
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