Features and Updates: 

  • We recently launched our Agency Founders Series—an in-depth collection of interviews with some of the world's most independent and successful creative agency founders. Check it out here

Fixes and Improvements: 

  • Improved the current day and work time settings within Float. The time zone is now based on where the account owner is located, while the current day is determined by the individual user's computer settings.
  • Added support for Swedish font characters.
  • Improved live updates to allow tasks added by another user to be edited without requiring a page refresh. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing tasks from deleting after a project was removed.  
  • Corrected an issue causing clients to display as "undefined" when scheduling a project created by a different admin. 
  • Addressed an issue with clients appearing in the task popup without any active projects scheduled. 
  • Fixed an issue causing the up/down arrow to stay active in the task popup after clicking on it. 
  • Corrected an issue when adding/updating repeating tasks that caused a 24h error to appear. 
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