Features and Updates: 

  • We’ve introduced a new person type called Unassigned Role to help you plan future tasks. Unassigned Roles are the perfect way to store tasks that haven't been assigned yet. There is no hours per day limit and tasks can be stacked on top of each other as needed. For more info, check out this help article
  • We've updated the task popup for greater efficiency. The new look combines client and project fields, clears the way for additional features in the future and should make it even easier to schedule tasks. 
  • We've added a 15 minute (0.25 hour) task option, which is now available from the task popup
  • We've overhauled the back end mechanics of the Reports page to improve its speed and stability*

Check out a video walk-through of all our new features here.

Fixes and Improvements: 

  • Monthly repeating tasks were not displaying correctly in some cases
  • Overtime was not being calculated correctly when multiple tasks were scheduled on the same day
  • Filtering the schedule and assigning a new task was limiting the available schedule options
  • Scheduling a task and then changing the name of the project was not updating the project name on the task
  • It was not possible to completely clear the hex code from custom project colors
  • We've made switching between teams (multi-team support) more reliable 
  • When using the CSV import, a server error was displaying if a name was missing
  • Data was not loading upon initial login for certain sessions (iOS App) 
  • The comma "," has been replaced by the period "." for users in some regions to allow semi/quarter hourly tasks to be scheduled (iOS App)
  • You can now enter .5 for 30-minute tasks (iOS App)

*We'll be rolling out additional people/project tags and "contains" reports soon. In the meantime, you can access these types of reports from: https://login.float.com/reports-v1

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