Features and Updates: 

  • We've added a new and improved zoom option, which you can check out by logging into your schedule. 

Fixes and Improvements: 

  • Added the ability to sort by Project Manager from the Projects page.
  • Improved the task font display when assigning projects with light colors. 
  • Added hyperlink support to the notes section when viewing a project's Info tab.
  • Corrected an issue with time off not displaying properly on the Reports page when the date range was changed. 
  • Fixed a problem with repeating tasks disappearing when they were scheduled on a non-work day. 
  • Addressed an issue with new projects not displaying properly if the "Create" button was hit directly after entering a project name. 
  • Added a minimum height for tasks one hour and smaller when zoomed in, and two hours and smaller when zoomed out. 
  • Corrected a problem with the Activity Feed not displaying updates made to time off tasks. 
  • Addressed an issue with the CSV export not working if quotation marks were used in the Name column.
  • Fixed an issue impacting the stability of API v1 that was causing sporadic 401 errors. 
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