New Features:

  • Custom people sorting: You can now drag the people in the left hand column to your desired order, we'll remember your selection for future.


  • Back-end updates to improveme performance of signup
  • Fixed an IE 11 issue where you were unable to paste text inside Email and Password text boxes on Login page
  • Fixed an issue to where Admin and Billing accounts were are able to edit Account Owners personal information like Name and Email
  • Improve speed of site by eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Fixed Safari issue on My Schedule view where non-work days are not marked properly for part time days
  • Fixed a bug for new accounts where assigning people to a project creating duplicate people in dropdown list
  • Fixed a bug where schedule hover tooltips appearing over people in the left hand column
  • A bunch of copy updates
  • Fixed an issue where after navigating to My Schedule and going back to Schedule view previously entered filter is erased
  • Fixed an issue so that Observers can not edit Milestones/Phases from Schedule
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