New Features:

  • Added the option to upload your own photo from My Info

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed a minor bug with schedule printing
  • Fixed a browser issue with Edge where the Star is misaligned on Add/Edit task popup
  • Improved functionality so that a person is removed from project after their task for that project is removed
  • Fixed an issue so that adding a task on a non-work day should also update live for other people who are logged in
  • Fixed an issue so that if I edit someone in the left hand column and select their department, 'No Department' is selected.
  • Fixed a minor Safari browser issue where 'undefined' was appearing in the task name in some instances.
  • Resolved an issue where "Limit Access to Department" checkbox was not working in some instances.
  • Improved function so that when adding me to the Schedule, 'My Schedule' should appear in nav right away (used to have to refresh)
  • Updated URLs in the onboarding email
  • Cleaned up the credit card form
  • Updated Schedule Day View so Today should load to left most day in the schedule
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