Have tasks that aren't ready to be assigned to your team yet? Need a planning space for future hires? The Unassigned Role is the perfect way to store upcoming work for your team. 

Unassigned Roles act as a backlog for tasks and are accessible directly on the Schedule page, making it easy to drag and drop work as needed. 

Creating a new Unassigned Role is simple. Here's how: 

  1. From the People page, select Add and name your resource (e.g., Unassigned Designer, Unassigned New Hire, Miscellaneous Tasks, etc.). No other account information is needed. 
  2. Select Unassigned Role from the drop down menu at the bottom, and click Add Person

Your new Unassigned Role will appear at the bottom of the Schedule page by default, but can be moved using the sort tab. 

Important Notes: 

  • There is no hours per day limit (no overtime indicator) and no 24 hour limit for tasks
  • Time Off can't be scheduled for an Unassigned Role
  • Unassigned Roles can't be set to part-time
  • You can search for and filter Unassigned Roles like you do other people 
  • Unassigned Roles will not display any availability/overtime hours in your reports. They can be excluded from reporting from the People tab at the top of the Reports page. 

Check out a video walk-through of Unassaigned Roles (and our other new features) here

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