Scheduled users

To add a new person to the schedule, select Add from the People page and fill out their basic information. You can also add new people from the "+" sign at the top of Float. 

Be sure to include an email address and account access level if you want them to receive an invitation to log in.

Invite/Re-invite your team

After creating a person and assigning them an access level, they will receive a welcome email from Float. The invitation to log in for the first time expires after seven days.

If the link expires or the invitation email is misplaced, you can hit the Resend Invite link to send another invitation. If there is no link available, it means that the person has already accepted their invitation. They can use the option on the Float home page to reset their password or retrieve their username if needed. 

Guest users 

People who need to view or edit the schedule without appearing on it can be added to Float as guests. Here is how to add them. 

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