We've unveiled brand new People and Projects pages that make it easier to view and manage your team's work and give you even greater control over your schedule.

We've ditched the horizontal cards that comprised the old pages in favor of vertical rows that are more interactive, easier to follow, and just plain better looking. 

Powerful new bulk action controls allow you to add a tag to all of your designers at once, archive a specific client's projects, or assign an entire department to a new project in a few simple clicks. 

You can sort projects by their start/end dates and quickly locate and archive projects that ended more than 30 days ago to ensure your account remains up to date and free of clutter. 

Hovering over a a project and selecting the Schedule or Reports icons that appear will take you to a filtered view of that page.

Or hover over a note to view its contents or the project budget icon to quickly check on how a project is coming along. 

Any job title, department, account access, client, project status or tag can now be clicked on to instantly filter the page by your selected criteria or to perform bulk actions. 

Note: We've phased out our people tag color options as part of this update, presenting a unified look for all tags across Float. The colors themselves had no functionality.

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