Create Repeating Tasks

Manually scheduling long projects or recurring assignments can be time consuming, which is where weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly repeat tasks can help.

After creating a task, open the additional settings menu by clicking the three dots to the rights of the date and check the Repeat task box. By default, this sets the task to repeat weekly, but you can also have the task repeat every two weeks or monthly. 

The day of the week determines when a task is repeated each month (e.g., the first Monday of each month).

Update Repeating Tasks

When making a change to a repeating task, you have two options:

a) Apply to this task

b) Apply to this and all future tasks

Duplicate Repeating Tasks

To copy a repeating task set to another team member, hold Shift and drag one of the repeating tasks to the other member. This will create another set of repeating tasks.

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