We've made scheduling tasks and keeping track of your team's projects easier than ever before with our iOS app. Check out how it works below:

  • Tap in the schedule or hit the green Add button (+) to start scheduling your team.
  • Enter any relevant task details and then click Done to add the task to the schedule. 
  •  In addition to adding tasks and time off for your team, you can also quick-add projects from the task menu.
  • Our powerful search is available across all pages of the mobile app.
  • Click the Filters & Sorting tab to change the date range or sort your schedule.
  • You can keep track of the latest schedule changes made to your account from the activity feed.
  • Refresh any page by swiping down on your screen. 

Important Notes

  • Dragging/dropping and the right-click tools are not supported.
  • Adding/editing people, editing projects, and viewing reports are not currently available via the mobile app. 
  • The custom sort order can only be set from the web version.
  • Members whose access view is set to "Their schedule" will only see the schedule and the activity feed.
  • The iOS app is designed for use on all of the latest iPad and iPhone devices (5th Generation iPad/iPhone 7 and above).  

Take your team on the go by downloading the Float app from the App Store!

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