Multi-select actions help keep your projects and people up-to-date and organized. From the Projects or People page, hold Shift and select one or more projects/people. The selected items will be outlined in blue, and the number selected will appear at the top. 

Clicking on this count will reveal the following multi-select options: 

Projects page

  • Move to Client - Assign a different client to an existing project.
  • Move to Archive - Make completed projects read-only. 
  • Add / Remove Tags - Bulk add or subtract project tags. 
  • Clone (Copy) - Create project ‘templates’ by cloning existing projects. When cloning a project, existing project tasks on the schedule are not copied.
  • Delete - Obliterate all matter associated with a project. 

People page

  • Move to Department - Assign a person to a specific department.
  • Assign to Project - Assign one or more people to a project. 
  • Move to Archive - Removes person from the Schedule. Archived people do not count as paid licenses. 
  • Add / Remove Tags - Bulk add or subtract people tags.
  • Delete - Obliterate the person.  
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